American Heritage Minting, Inc.

American Heritage Minting, Inc. is a world-renowned numismatic company buying any size collection or estate. AHM specializes in United States coins as well as strictly GEM quality English, French, and general foreign coins. AHM maintains an extensive raw and certified (PCGS & NGC) inventory of United States, gold, silver, copper, type and scarce date coins. AHM has always taken pride in building many of the most important collections for its customers.


Welcome to American Heritage Minting, Inc.

AHM, Inc. is one of the largest dealers of vintage collectible coins in the world. We are well known for offering gem quality English and French coins and are very active in the United States coin market.  We buy and sell NGC and PCGS graded coins and maintain a large inventory of ungraded, and scarce date U.S. coins.


U.S. Inventory

For over 40 years we have been actively adding to an already impressive inventory of United States Coins and Currency.  From the seasoned numismatist to the beginning collector, we have something to meet everyone's needs!                   

U.S. Inventory 

Foreign Inventory

The relationships we've cultivated over the past four decades affords us unrivaled access to top international dealers and brokers.  This allows us to consistently offer coins from every corner of the globe.         



New Purchases

AHM is passionate in our search for the next great treasure to share with you!  Our quest for top quality, rare date coins take us to Europe and Great Britain bi-monthly.  And, we attend over 40 coin shows a year across the country.

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